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Lip Balms: My Top Three

With the recent temperature drop this winter your skin always ends up feeling under the weather, or in other words, dry. One of the areas affected the most on your body is your lips. While you may frequently gloss them in order to keep them nice and smooth, this isn’t enough to keep your lips protected from cracking and chapping.   Here are some of my favorite lip balms to keep your lips looking irresistible.


1. I use Carmex which can be purchased at your local Walmart or any other grocery store or less than three dollars. Carmex will have your lips feeling and looking smooth as can be.  It feels very cool on your lips, therefore it can immediately stop any itching or other irritation. It is a yellowish color in the container but when applied to the lips, it is transparent.  Also, it comes in a squeezable tube and in a small tub.



2. Burt’s Bees is also another great lip protectant that I have used.  This can also be purchased at any local grocery store.  Burt’s Bee is clear with a little shimmer. Just like Carmex, Burt’s Bees lip balm looks natural when applied.  Burt’s Bees lip balm comes in different flavors so it looks and tastes good! (That is, if it ever finds its way into your mouth)



3. Lastly is the good old fashioned brand Chapstick. This and Carmex are my favorite because it looks so natural on your lips. Your lips look naturally glossy rather than looking like you stuck you lips in a bowl of grease. Chapstick is also cheap and works well.


Hope these brands work well for you because they are great and have worked well for me. There are many other lip balms out there if these don’t appeal to you.  If you want to wear lip gloss, apply lip balm before applying lip gloss to avoid chapped lips.  The winter is especially hard on your skin, make sure your lips are not neglected!

Author, Chasity Edwards

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