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Dreadlocks 101

Comb Coil Dreadlocks



Dreadlocks are a great low maintenance style.  If you’re interested in starting dreadlocks, there are many ways to start them and they can be formed in various styles.  Each style varies in levels of versatility.  Maintaining dreadlocks are also very affordable, both on your own and by a professional.




Free-Form Dreadlocks

Free-Form or “Neglect” Method:  This method forms dreadlocks by simply leaving your hair alone and not combing it.  Years pass before dreads begin to form when this method is used.  This method does not form neat dreads.  One dread may be very big and flat while others are small and thin.  This style will not offer too much versatility.

Comb Coils:  This method is the simplest method for forming dreadlocks.  With this method single strand twists are coiled in one direction.  The only downside is that this method only works on highly textured hair such as African American hair that could keep the coil.

Two Strand Twists:  This method isn’t as delicate as the coil method.  The hair is twisted into two strand twists and then the hair is left to mesh within the twists as they get older.  Some say twists lock faster and smoother.

You can choose to have large, traditional, or tiny dreadlocks.  Sisterlocks are a specific style of dreadlocks that are very small in size.  They are very versatile and can be curled with styling tools.  However they are more expensive due to the small size of the dreadlocks.  Sisterlocks are usually done by professionals and are made using a very specific knotting technique.


If you decide to get dreadlocks, be aware that your hair should still be washed regularly, or it will start to smell bad.  Refraining from washing your hair to help your hair lock is counterproductive, since the buildup on your hair will give your hair more slip, thus preventing your hair from locking.  Plus, the water will help your hair mat up, thus helping your hair lock.  When just starting out hair should be washed and re-twisted every two weeks.  At night hair should be wrapped in a silk or satin scarf and product usage should be light to prevent product buildup.

Editor of Health and Beauty, Brandi Giles

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