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This Winter, Stay Healthy!

Tis’ the season of giving but also, it is the season of catching. I am someone who catches a cold within a heartbeat. With the temperature slowly declining, staying healthy and not catching a cold should be your main priority this winter. Headaches, fevers, coughs, and/or sweats are not what you need right before finals. Being college students, it is likely that funds are tight and buying $10-15 medications are out of the question. Luckily, there are a few home remedies that can be done to ensure a healthy winter.

Drink plenty of fluids. Drinking fluids such as water, orange juice, apple juice and cranberry juice are good for the immune system. If you have a cold coming on, drinking liquids can benefit by thinning any mucus, keeping the throat flowing freely and clearing the air ways. These liquids also help fight dehydration which is a common symptom of a cold. By drinking at least eight ounces of fluid every two hours, the immune system should be healthy and you will be on your way this winter.

Rest. Being that finals are arriving, the work is piling up and the all-nighters are beginning; however, it is very important to maintain some sort of a sleeping schedule to ensure that your body has gotten proper rest. Furthermore, resting isn’t all about sleeping. Resting can be just downtime where you can relax and your body can become refreshed. A few things that can be done for downtime are reading books, watching a movie or listening to music. School is important but so is your health, allow the body and yourself some time to rest.

Exercise. When your body feels and looks good, so will you.  Exercising is the best way to maintain your health this winter. During the winter, people usually stop working out because it’s too cold; however, research shows that exercising regularly boosts your immune system, so if you exercise regularly, the body will not be as susceptible to sickness.

 Stay warm. This last tip is the most obvious but, stay warm. As college students, we still want to go out and have a good time but we need to do this warmly.  Dressing properly for the weather is a key. Just because it is sunny and 60 degrees outside does not mean bring out the shorts; it is still winter time. Always wear a jacket and cover up the chest area.  Keep some spare things in your car or purse like gloves, hats or scarves just in case temperatures drop.

All of these things are free and can be done not only in the winter time but throughout the year. Hopefully following these few tips will allow a healthy winter and seasons beyond!

Author, Chasity Edwards

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