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Something New: A Review on The Green Room

If you are looking for something to do on the weekend other than the normal routine of hitting a club or party scene, then you should definitely give The Green Room a try. Founded by actress, Terri J. Vaughn, the new venue is a specialty bookstore, lounge, and entertainment and arts community haven.

On most days, The Green Room serves as a place for aspiring actors to gain more experience and classes in acting. However, Friday nights are when anyone can come explore their talents and enjoy the talents of others.  Every Friday, The Green Room hosts its “Open Mic Night.” With that, you can expect to hear anything from singing, rapping, recitation of monologues, and most of all, spoken word. Roaring in a relaxed atmosphere, free of judgment and ridicule, everyone is there to have a good time and indulge in arts and entertainment.

Terri J. Vaughn, founder of The Green Room

The first Open Mic Night I attended served as a special event in honor of the one year anniversary of The Green Room. I was given the opportunity to meet with Mrs. Terri J Vaughn and her husband. Other well-known faces in attendance included Thomas Ford (former “Tommy” character from the 90s sit-com Martin) and singer Que of the former Bad Boy Records R&B group, Day 26. The open mic segment showcased performances from the best of previous open mic participants, and Soul singer-songwriter Angie Stone.

My first experience was mediocre. While it was somewhat gratifying, it was difficult to completely enjoy the experience because there was so much commotion going on with it being the one year anniversary special. I had to wait over an hour to get in, there were no available seats, the entry price was unreasonable, and it was incredibly loud and a packed house. However, once the event began, I calmed down and began to enjoy myself. The band was impeccable to any music lover’s choice. The band mates’ chemistry stood out to me.

Pleased enough to visit again, my second experience at The Green Room sealed the deal. It was everything and more you would expect out of an open mic platform. It started on time, there were comfortable seating arrangements, the price was sensible, and I got in immediately after paying, and there was a wide array of performing acts. One of my personal favorites was a seven-year-old girl who rapped to a crowd of roughly 100 people showing not a single hint of fear in her voice. But what really topped the night off was the feature performer of the night, one of my all-time personal favorite YouTube sensations, Durand Benarr. Once he graced the stage, the night was complete in my eyes. Durand took the stage for about twenty minutes, and had the audience in awe from the second he hit the first note.

The Green Room is definitely a place for anyone of any age group to go and have a good time. I would recommend this for anyone who enjoys performing arts, or is just looking for something new to do. The Green Room is also a great place for aspiring singers, rappers or actors to go get experience, and also meet other people with the same goals. Be sure to go check it out!

The Green Room Actor’s Lounge is located at 25-D Bennett St, Atlanta, GA 30309.

Guest Writer, Aliscia Ray

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