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The College Male

No, girls are not the only ones that face problems as they transition into college! Even guys have many obstacles at this point in their lives.

For instance, it has been said that males in college tend to have difficulty with accepting and adjusting to adult responsibility; either they are not used to being away from home and having everything at their fingertips or they are so wrapped up in the idea of this new-found freedom that they become cocky about it and act on it incorrectly.

In some cases, males tend to fall into the trap of partying, and even illegal activities, and cannot keep up with their schoolwork due to a busy social life. Some guys  try to empress their friends and girls with their social lifestyle and consequently overdue it.

Then we have males who cannot figure out why they are in college. In today’s society, a lot are going into the military or going straight into the workforce. Guys in college may question if that is a better route for them and may be confused with their decision to go to college. Others are just confused altogether as to what they want to do with their lives.

As you see, a lot of focus is put into the issues that females face as they come to college when it comes to friends, social activities – things of that nature. No one really realizes that males have it just as hard, if not harder, in some circumstances. In reality, we are all human and face obstacles as we reach different phases in our lives.

Editor of College Life, Michaela C.

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