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Tracy McGrady Retires from the NBA

Tracy McGrady recently released a letter of his retirement from the National Basketball Association to pursue a career in China.

Tracy was drafted in 1996 by the Toronto Raptors. He played in Toronto with his cousin, Vince Carter. They were a dynamic tandem; however McGrady was placed in the shadow of Vince and eventually received a trade to the Orlando Magic. In 2001, Tracy McGrady won the NBA Most Improved Player award. Within the next two years, his scoring output grew exponentially, enabling him to win the NBA  scoring title in the 02-03 season. Seven all-star appearances to show for a tremendous career, however, McGrady never made it to the NBA finals or even the conference finals. He never won Most Valuable Player, but his fan base was still among the biggest in the NBA.

McGrady’s career was paused due to an injury. He required major surgeries on both his knee and back which completely corrupted his playing style. In the years following the 05 season, he began to decline and eventually became a member of the Atlanta Hawks where he was a very solid role player. Tracy McGrady will always be remembered as one of the greatest scores in NBA history and he leaves behind a legacy that can’t be duplicated.

Luvert Allen, Former Editor of Sports

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