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“Whoooooooooop!” Newest signee to TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment), Mac Miller released his last mixtape Macadelic on March 23rd, 2012.First impressions? Wow, he switched over to a darker and grittier lyricist and I must admit this fits him perfect! The flow? His lyrics are dope, tough to compete with and his flow is “lazy” yet unique. He doesn’t overdo it nor does he bore you to death. Saying his flow is lazy automatically makes this a chill album.

“I don’t know what happened to me but as soon as it hit me I was f*cking free.” The tape is about his discovery of the joy of weed, sex, more drugs, thoughts from the lives of an everyday person and a few lucky females along the way. Yeah, you may be thinking well isn’t that what 80% of rappers talk about it? Yes, you’re right! Luckily, this guy makes it unique, listenable, and gives you a vision within each track. I personally love how every ending in each track has a clip from a known movie playing that either has something to do with the next track or the track previously played.

Mac Miller delivers this time what he didn’t with his previous tape I Love Life, Thank You. “Whoooop!” Don’t keep sleeping on this guy, wake up and smell the coffee! This is a classic, music like this doesn’t come around like this every day. From track 1 to 17, you’ll either love the beat or you’ll love the lyrics so “take your vitamins” and bump this MACADELIC!


Guest Writer, Zeke B.

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