Everything Exclusive Magazine:

Letter From the Editor

Hello Readers!

Self love is truly the greatest love of all.

You know you love yourself when you set standards and live by them. You know you love yourself when you command, not demand, respect and will not accept anything less. You know you love yourself when despite what your adversaries say to cut you down, you still hold your head high because you know what they say is false.

This week, I want all of you to write an affirmation. Write down exactly what it is that you love about yourself. Include your strengths and  what makes you happy. Hang your affirmation up in your bathroom, your bedroom or anywhere that is hard to miss. The more you pass it, the more you are apt to read it or at least pick up on the positive vibes from it. In due time, you will feel more confident, more attractive, more successful and thoroughly happy.


“Love yourself FIRST and MOST.”


Raena S.

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