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Atlanta Pro Athletes Continue to Rep Our City

Atlanta pro sports were rolling this week. Not only did the Falcons remain undefeated (5-0), but the Hawks beat the Miami Heat in a preseason game. Players such as Lebron James and Dwayne Wade only played the first half; however, it was a chance for the Hawks to see how the team would match up against a bench with depth. It was also a chance for the team to see who would pick up the scoring lost in the trading of former star Joe Johnson to the Brooklyn Nets. In this game, we learned that Atlanta natives Josh Smith, who poured in 21 points, and Louis Williams, who contributed 19 points, could both be prime time scoring options in the future. It will be interesting to watch and see how the Hawks run this team in the regular season and hopefully the postseason.

Luvert Allen, Former Editor of Sports

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