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LiveLoveA$AP – A$AP Rocky

Honorable Mentions:

 “Back in this b*tch, m*thaf*cka yeah it’s…….me.”  I got to give talent when it’s due and this man has TALENT. A$AP Rocky delivered a solid mixtape LiveLoveA$ap which was released October 31, 2011. Yeah, I know it was a year ago but I think people need a reminder of how dope this man’s flow is! Originally from my hometown, Harlem, New York, Rocky is a member of the A$AP M.O.B which is a group of rappers associated by the name A$AP with each of their own creative flows, however, A$AP outshined each of them which gave him the credibility to create his own mixtape to showcase his skills to the world. His flow is unique but original; it gives you both a New York vibe while simultaneously giving you a Houston feel. He instantly draws you in with his intro “Palace” using his creative lines and metaphors. “Write it on my tombstone, I was stoned n*gga!” Yes, of course his lyrics refer to drugs but also life issues, humor, women and that purple shit in his cup.

“It be that pretty m*thaf*cka sippin’ that throwed grippin’ my pistol, my chrome hidden to hit you then splitting your into something I spit it and flip it like bone. N*ggas ain’t ready for the flow switch only Harlem nigga on his bone sh*t.” Now say that first line like you’re apart of Bone Thugs N Harmony, then say that second line like you just touched down in Houston with Bun B: Unique but critical. Luckily, there weren’t many features on the mixtape, which made it in depth with what his sound is like and introduced a few members of A$AP M.O.B such as A$AP Twelvy, A$AP Nast and A$AP Ferg. The tape also featured TDE’S MC Schoolboy Q  who shared nothing but grace to the mixtape.

The newest signee to Sony and RCA Records is sure to deliver a new sound. His buzz already has fans wondering when his next solo release will be. It has been a year since this mixtape was released and still nothing from A$AP Rocky. He was set to release his album LongLiveA$AP at the end of this month, but due to certain issues it may be pushed back. Overall this mixtape was an instant classic and it was even ranked number 10 on Filter’s Top Albums List. He delivers what is needed to the new hip hop generation with the mix of flows from the legends of hip hop and his own style all in one. Until his album release this will still be played. His sound is original and creative which some artists lack now-a-days. Keep an eye out for hip hop’s next big thing…..hopefully.

Guest Writer: Zeke B.

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