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Pick up Fails

One day, you see a girl walking down the street. She was looking lovely in a gorgeous blue dress and black heels. You then notice a man who happened to cross paths with this woman, he himself was looking handsome. When the man comes in contact with the woman his first line is something like “Can I get to know you” or “ Hey ma, can I go wherever you are going” or even something like “ What’s up girl, want me to make body quiver?”

This type of language and behavior is not acceptable, especially to the female population. What in the male mind encourages these so called pick-up lines? What makes them believe that females would respond to such vulgarity? Vulgarity does not get positive attention from most women. They either believe that the guy is a man whore or simply a disrespectfully ignoramus. Also by approaching a woman in this manner, you are questioning the amount of respect she has for herself as well as her up-bringing. That is not the first impression that males want to give.

For a man to approach a woman and say something that shows that you have intelligence as well as a comical side is the best way to approach a woman.  For example, if you approach a woman and say “Excuse me Miss, but I just had to stop you and tell you how radiant you look.” You would have a better chance of receiving a phone number or a possibly chance at a future meeting.

Also chivalry is not dead. There are many females out there who want to be romanced and who want a man to approach them in a respectful way that makes the woman feel like a queen. In return the woman will treat the man like the king he is. Opening doors, giving them your coat when they are cold and standing on the side of the sidewalk that is closes to car traffic, are examples of chivalries that actually would work better than a pick up line.

On another note, do not flaunt your material things, especially if you know you are not financially stable but you still try to display things that you know you don’t have.  If the woman is too fascinated by your material things, move on because she is most likely only after your money. If you want a true relationship this is not the direction that you need to be going.

First impressions are everything, as the cliché goes. So do not make your mark as the vulgar creepy man who all women should stay away from. Be the gentleman that is so rare to find these days and women allow them to be that gentleman that your mom allows wanted you to find.


Editor: Tabia Wade

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