Everything Exclusive Magazine:

Letter From the Editor


Not everyone has someone that they can talk to whenever they have a problem or whenever something disturbs them. Some of you do have people that you can talk to, but don’t feel comfortable expressing your inner thoughts to them. It’s not healthy to keep your feelings to yourself, especially when they are overwhelming; holding in negative emotions over an extended period of time can cause psychological damage. If you aren’t the type to vocalize your thoughts, there is an alternative: writing.

At some point during the week, I want you all to take the time to write. It can be about anything: your job, school, love, money, or just a bunch of jumbled thoughts. Your grammar and spelling don’t matter; just write. That piece of paper is your closest and most trusted friend, and your pen is your voice.

This has nothing to do with skill and you don’t have to be a professional. Just do it.


Raena S.

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