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Surviving a Broken Heart

The end of a relationship is the death of something that once was. So, it is normal to go through the stages in grief while mourning the loss your heart has suffered. Sometimes we lose our way navigating through the stages, and can’t seem to step out of the funk. After you have had a period of mourning, crying for what once was and is no more. It is time to move on. You can be mourning a romantic relationship or a friendly one. Mourning is mourning. Here are some tips to help you through:

1.) Reconnect with friends.
2.) Make a good healthy wardrobe change. If you can’t afford to buy new clothes, there is always the option of putting old items up for sale on Craig’s List, eBay, or Kijji to make a few bucks to fund your new attire needs. You can always use this money to treat yourself to a hot ticket item that you have always desired but never could afford. Consider it just swapping one item for another; it is a good way of justifying it in your mind.
3.) Organize a clothes swap with friends; one girl’s trash is anthers treasure!
4.) Do something good for your community. Volunteer, spend time helping with a charity event, by contributing to others who need it you will feel like a whole and worthwhile person again. You may even find that this great feeling makes you feel inspired, and volunteering within your community may be your new niche.
5.) Rediscover music. Get lost in music. Find music that’s not top-40 and feel pride in discovering a great new artist.
6.) Write. Keep a journal even if you feel your emotions feel silly, it’s good to get it out.
7.) Learn to be the best version of yourself. Think of everything you are most proud of; accomplishments, personality traits, or even kind things you have done for others. Focus on these feats, and build yourself into a better person utilizing these skills.
8.) Do something for you. Even if it’s simple as making a gourmet cake and eating it with friends.
9.) Movie nights. Hit the theaters, or stay in. Either way, movies are a win-win.
10.) crafty. Check out Etsy and try and make your own versions of the neat items posted on the site.
11.) Avoid drinking liquor; all it does is intensify negative emotions. You don’t want to be a Debbie Downer. Instead, indulge in loose tea. There are plenty of great teashops that offer gourmet loose teas. Drinking tea is not just for old folks. It’s hip, and healthy.
12.) Indulge in things you loved as child. The innocence of things such as Winnie The Pooh will warm your heart and help fill in the empty space.
13.) Paint. Even if you suck, get a canvas and just go for it. It is a euphoric feeling to marvel at your own creation.
14.) Seasonal tips: in warm weather run through a sprinkler, crunch a huge pile of leaves; when the cold hits, make a snowman or a snow angel.
15.) Do not go the bar, or a club looking for a rebound. Sure, it is nice to get attention from the opposite sex. But, really, do you want it from the guy at the club who hits on every single girl? No. You’re better than that. Do not initiate any activities with the opposite sex until you are comfortable with who you are, and where you are at in life.

Repeat, until the glorious morning that you wake up and the heartbreaker is not the first person that crosses your mind.

While you’re heart is still aching remember to do one thing, keep your chin up. Life will go on, and the pain will subside.


Author: Lisa Lunney

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