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The Rambunctious Four From Anaheim Reunite With The Summer Track “Settle Down”

       It is an exciting time for No Doubt fans. The ska-punk legends are back together and have released a new track entitled “Settle Down” off their new album, Push And Shove, which will be out September 25th. The band couldn’t have picked a more perfect time to release a new single and album. Its summer and the track certainly delivers fun music that you can easily enjoy on a sunny day. Plus it’s 2012, which marks the 20th anniversary since the band’s debut album, No Doubt (1992).  After taking a near decade long hiatus in which the band members pursued different solo projects (most notably lead singer Gwen Stefani’s ventures as a solo artist), it is sweet to see the band back together and answering the pleas of so many fans begging for the band to re-unite and make music. The band delivers their signature sound of upbeat, reggae tinged music that shows that the band is unaffected by the trends of auto-tuned vocals and techno beats infecting the radio airwaves of today. The song even sounds as if it could easily be a leftover track from the group’s last album, Rock Steady (2002) and I do not mean this in a bad way.  Their sound may have not changed much, however the lyrics reflect that they have indeed matured from the Southern Californian ragamuffins they once were. With a song titled “Settle Down” and lines like “I’ve been around the block” the listener gets the feeling that the singer is struggling to cope with the responsibilities that come with age but she’ll get through it because she chants “I’m a rough and tough, nothing’s gonna knock this girl down.”

I am glad that No Doubt is undoubtedly No Doubt. It is a relief that after 20 years together the band is still just as energetic, still playing their own instruments and still kickin’ out the jams, No Doubt!

3.25/5 stars

Author: Crystal Downer

Originally published August 19, 2012

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