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Super Punch Plus: How “Super” is it?

I’m from Washington, DC and as a result I have never heard of Smoothie King.  I’m pretty sure they exist up north but Smoothie King is definitely nonexistent in the DC/Metropolitan area.  It was a Monday morning and I sat and talked with my friend.  She expressed that she was worried about falling asleep in class because the Smoothie King smoothie she was drinking was so filling.  Immediately I became intrigued because I have a certain dilemma, specifically on Wednesdays.  I wake up for class at 7:30 AM; attend three classes back to back and then my bio lab immediately after.  The first week of school I found that by the time I get to lab I’m exhausted, starving, I can’t focus, and generally just out of it.  I desperately needed a good, filling snack that gave me the energy to make it through those extra two hours.  Granted I don’t usually get to eat breakfast, but a lot of college students don’t.  So for those long days where breakfast may have not been an option, I’ve found something for you.

                It’s called Super Punch Plus.  It’s made with strawberries, bananas and all kinds of good stuff like proteins, vitamins and energy enhancements.  I’ll make sure to include a link with nutritional information.  It’s under the “Get Energy” category on the menu so the main purpose is to give you energy.  It’s very pricey (almost $7 for a medium!!!!) but, it was 10:30 and I was starving.  So I gave it a try.  I bought one and I was finished in about an hour.  By this time my math class was almost finished and I had lab next.  10 minutes passed and class was over.  As I walked from my math class to the building where my lab is held, I started to feel totally revitalized.  I felt focused, energized and ready to learn the entire skeletal system.  Last week I sat in lab like a dried up corpse and went straight to my room when it was over.  This week I absorbed the information, got up and participated in class discussions and even stayed outside to hang out for a little bit after lab. 

                Now, could there be a cheaper smoothie out there that could do the same thing? I’ll keep my eyes open.  Could I probably get the same results if I ate breakfast? Maybe, maybe not; but I’m not a morning person.  I can’t get up earlier than 7:30 to make time for breakfast; it’s just not going to happen.  So if this sounds like you, I suggest you try Super Punch Plus, on that particularly long day when you’re about 50% through your schedule.  Personally I will only be buying it on Wednesdays, and only if I have lab.  If my lab is canceled for any reason I won’t buy it.  Seven dollars a week adds up.  But the bottom line is: it does exactly what it says it does.  It gives you natural energy and also makes you more attentive and focused.  How “super” is Super Punch Plus? Very super BUT, the price isn’t.

Nutritional Information


Author: Brandi Giles

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