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Freshmen ’16: 5 Tips to Having an Awesome College Experience

            Nervous. Anxious maybe? Excited much!  Becoming a freshmen in college is a milestone nearly all students look forward to.  It’s time to get away from home and venture into a new world that is full of possibilities. The mixed emotions of an upcoming freshmen can sometimes be overwhelming. Not knowing what to expect, a fast pace atmosphere, unfamiliar people, (and did I mention, NO HOME COOKED MEALS!) are all uncertainties that make future college students a little nervous about how their year will turn out. However, if you use these five tips, you are guaranteed to have an awesome college experience that you will NEVER forget!


1.       Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone!

College is the time for you to enjoy life and make the most of every experience. It is definitely not the time for you to hide in your dorm! Go to events hosted by your college and meet new people. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself. Your roommate(s) should not be the student(s) you become aquainted with. Talk to your professors and ask for help. DO NOT let them intimidate you; there here to help, not harm. Get to know you school’s staff. These are the people that can get you into higher places and possibly open doors for you. Get involved in an activity that may not be something you would usually do. It’s so many ways that you can step outside of your box, you just have to do something DIFFERENT!

2.       DORMIFY Your Space!

Ok, so what does your dorm have to do with anything? Hmmm, a lot! What you come home to and wake up to usually determines what kind of mood you will be in. Would you like to come back to a drab dorm room with absolutely nothing exciting about it? No. How about walking into a dorm room that is a reflection of you and makes you feel more welcomed? YES! Spice up your dorm by making it more, YOU. Whatever your style is, show it through your dorm.

Tip: Look up some DIY projects that you can do to make your dorm fabulous for a low price!

3.       Get Involved!

Every college has a wide range of activities and sports that you can participate in. Ask your student center or counselors what activities are available and see which ones fit you. Joining clubs or organizations is a great way to meet new friends and to become known on campus as a well-rounded student. FYI: Involvement makes your resumes look 10x better!

4.       Explore Outside Surroundings!

Your college experience is not limited to JUST the campus. Check out what events or concerts are going on in your city. You may also be interested in jobs or internships that may be available outside of your school. This is a great way to network, improve your social skills, and become more cultured!

5.       Study, STUDY, STUDYYYY!

This may be number 5, but it is definitely the MOST important tip of them all! It is very hard for college students to find a balance between a social life and their studies. The main reason for attending college is your education so it is vital for you to maintain a high GPA so you can have a better experience. You must find out what helps you study better to gain better study habits. Some ways to improve your study habits are:

                Music: Make your own study playlist of songs that help you concentrate better.

                Location: Find a quiet spot that helps you focus and relax your mind so that you can absorb what you are studying.

                Food: Yes, food. It is proven that studying on a full stomach gets better results!

                Study Buddy: Find someone or even a group that can help you by reviewing materials with you or giving you educational advice and vice versa.

Use these tips and you won’t be disappointed in how your freshmen year turns out! The most important thing to remember is to stay true to YOURSELF and of course…FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!

Author: Michaela A.

Originally published August 12, 2012

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