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Ari’ Jo’s Euphoria

Atlanta was once a city full of mainstream artist, the local unsigned talents were the underdogs: until now. Atlanta’s local “indie” scene has become as big or if not bigger than the mainstream pioneers. While there are so many undiscovered artist in Atlanta, one will take the city by storm and be well known come August the 30th. With a soulful yet alternative flare, Ari’ Jo will drop her first EP entitled “Euphoria”.

With her musical influences ranging from Janis Joplin to Sade, there is no doubt that Ari’ Jo is diverse when it comes to music. Why bring up her influences, the music that an artist listens to sometimes inspire them in their projects.  For her debut EP, Ari’ Jo didn’t hold back; she allowed a difficult and unhappy moment to inspire her to put together 8 ground breaking songs that would result in euphoria.

“Music is such a natural feeling for me  … it’s like an extra emotion that I have , says the lovely singer when asked about her passion for music. Sneaking into mom’s old cassettes & tapes, she stumbled upon the legendary Sly & The Family Stones and ever since has been in love with music.  Although she is not in a group, it is safe to say that Ari’ Jo is a dynamic duo with her skill of songwriting as well as her angelic voice to back up her lyrics. Many may wonder; what is a day like in the life of such a young and talented star, with Ms. Ari’ her days are nothing less than productive. Dreaming about making music as a child motivated her, while her past struggles inspired her to make powerful music that one day would be heard. No more does she have to dream because that time is finally here.  Anticipating the release of her first EP, this artist has made sure that she stays in the studio regularly and continues to be musically productive.

With just a few weeks left until the big release of her EP, Ari’ Jo says : “ I am really stoked about putting it out there and everyone getting a touch of me as an artist and as a human being “ .

Ari’ Jo has given her fans two tease trailers on Vimeo.com leading up to the BIG day. Can’t wait until the 30th to hear this wonderful songstress sing? Good you don’t have to!  While she is in the process of working on our own personal website, she has a YouTube channel (youtube.com/AriJomusic) that has been up and running & also features her first video “ I promise” . Still want more? Check out her Euphoria trailers at Vimeo.com and also check out her multi-management team’s site (iloverenaissance.com) as well for the latest with her and her co- artists A-Rize & Kip Hilson.

August the 30th will be the day the empyreans bring down Euphoria for all to witness.

Follow her on Twitter: @IAmAriJo

Author: Jasmonae Rountree

Originally published August 19, 2012

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