Maintain Healthy Hair While Wearing a Sew-In

Sew-ins are great.  They keep your hair away so you don’t have to style it.  They give your hair a break from the elements.  However, it is not a hairstyle that allows you to be lazy.  Neglecting the hair underneath is a big mistake many women make when wearing sew- ins.  Not paying attention to the hair underneath the weave can leave you with a mess once you take the weave down.  However it’s not that easy to access the hair underneath the weave.  Washing your hair, moisturizing your scalp and of course scratching become ten times harder when wearing a sew-in.  How can you take care of your hair without your weave becoming greasy and product heavy?  I have some tips that may help, especially if you maintain your sew-ins without the help of a beautician.

Hawaiian Silky 14 in 1 Miracle Worker
  1. Leave the oils alone.  Oils can be really good for your scalp, but they’re your weave’s worst enemy.  Oiling your scalp almost always leaves you with a greasy weave because they are runny.  There are alternative ways to get moisture to your hair and scalp.  Leave in conditioner is one option.  Lightly push the conditioner into your braids.  Another product I recommend is Hawaiian Silky 14 in 1 Miracle Worker.  This is a great moisturizer you can use for your scalp and braids.  It’s very light and it’s a thin cream so it isn’t messy.
  2. Stop trying to shampoo the braids underneath when you shampoo your weave. Seriously, you’re only loosening your braids and shortening the life of your sew-in.  Unless you see a beautician on a regular to maintain your sew-in there is no way to really get your hair clean underneath there without loosening your braids.  To keep things fresh underneath, I use dry shampoo in a gel form.  I put some on a wash cloth and gently push the product into my braids.  Once the dry shampoo has lifted all the grime and dirt from my hair it turns into a powder.  Then I rinse in the shower.
  3. Take out your weave. Never leave your weave in for more than two months.  Two months is even pushing it.  At this point your braids begin to matte and tangle and so all that length you obtained while you wore your sew-in will break off when you have to detangle your hair.  Remember your hair will be very dirty underneath at this point also.  It will probably itch all the time at this point because your hair and scalp need a good, real wash.  Don’t hold on to an old weave; when its time, its time.
  4. Fix the issues before the next sew-in.  If you’re experiencing a lot of shedding or breaking once you take down your weave, find the source of the issue and fix it.  Getting another sew in will only complicate things further.  Wigs will give you the chance to fix any damage if you aren’t comfortable wearing your hair.  If you use a wig, take full advantage of the fact that it is removable.  Pamper your hair back to health and when you’re at home take the wig off and let your hair get some air.

Editor of Health and Beauty, Brandi Giles

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